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She needed a Hero, so that’s what she became!

By   /  May 24, 2017  /  Comments Off on She needed a Hero, so that’s what she became!

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“After I had completed my 1st year of Fashion designing exams, I went to Africa for a Family Vacation that suddenly turned tragic for me. I was sitting on the backside of a car, laying my head down at my mom’s lap and suddenly our car flipped thrice due to a tyre burst. It all happened so fast – the car just went out of control. I was badly injured and taken to the hospital immediately. I was completely unconscious for 16 hours and I had lost the ability to walk as my spinal cord was badly damaged & disrupted. It was like a worst nightmare for me. My family was shattered and could not believe that it has actually happened. I’ve always been the baby of the house and pampered by everyone in family including older siblings. After a little recovery I was shifted to Mumbai, Jaslok hospital through air ambulance for further treatment. I could meet my mom after a month as she wasn’t informed about the same. Initially it was very difficult for me to accept the sudden fact but to survive I realized the necessity of being strong-willed and maintaining an attitude of never giving up. It has been almost eight years since the accident took place but I’ve never let it stop me from doing anything. I’ve always thought that it was a destiny that happened and nobody can change your destiny. I’ve no complaints to God about anything & I’m always happy… In fact my belief in God has increased even more after this. I’ve started believing in his powers and miracles. For six years I couldn’t even move my hands and I was totally dependent on my family. My family has supported me enormously and I’m extremely blessed to have such a family. Every day I go to sleep believing that my happiest time is yet to come and I know that I will be able to walk one day. I and everyone in my family have a very strong gut feeling that the moment when I will be able to walk will be mid-night and I would stand up and go walking to my parent’s room, knock the door and surprise them. I’ve recovered almost 80% till now and its just 20% more to go…and that day too will come soon. Truth is, the only barrier is you and if you really want something, no power in this world can stop you from getting it. Destiny is an item which automatically updates itself with time. Whatever happens, good or bad? It very much depends on you. This is the cause and effect of life. You have to understand this. It is always your actions that decide what should happen next. Picture them as a good cause and positive actions will follow.”

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