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Lesson Of Life

How often have you been called self-centred? How often have you been hurt by something someone said? How often have you been dispirited? How often have you INSPIRED someone?
When you learn, you become a star. But when you teach you become a constellation!
– Deepak Ramola
(Founder, Project FUEL)

We humans are quick to give advices, but think hard, what life has taught you. Each one of us has so much to learn and so much to TEACH. They say “Walk a mile in my shoes” well what if somebody already did and has the just right piece of advice or word of comfort that you need.
We have come to terms that learning never stops but can we also teach! So yes, you don’t need to be old to share the understanding of your own life with others.
OurVadodara provides each one of you with an opportunity to share that one LIFE LESSON of yours with our readers. It can be from anyone- it can be about anything- It just has to be YOU! Your lesson of life can persuade someone to keep fighting even when LIFE slams him down!
So what are you waiting for, start sharing your messages with us and we will spread it! You could be the reason for someone’s smile today.

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